Azalea City Avgals

Azalea City Avgals
On our way!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

The devil is in the details--

Or so they say.

Details are what we're focusing on now. Getting our various electronic gadgetry set up is the fun part, and that's my bailiwick.  You will be able to follow us HERE for a SPOT GPS breadcrumb trail, courtesy of Joe Ebert at It will update itself every ten minutes, so if we get hopelessly lost, the whole world will know it before we will. 

Get lost? Us? No way. Alan Kirby at AnywhereMap called this afternoon to promise that UPS will be ringing my doorbell by midmorning tomorrow with their fabulous-looking newest product, the Septa electronic flight bag, moving map, weather display, and approach plates- the works! I'll be taking both items on a shakedown flight tomorrow, a business trip to Charleston, SC. Will make note to self: quit playing with the wonderful toys and fly the airplane!

Linda is taking care of last minute obligations- scheduling our timing run, scheduling the airplane's inspection, making window posters to thank our wonderful sponsors, and about a thousand other things she's too kind to mention. And naturally, the real estate market chooses this week to improve, so she's got her day-job to tend to, as well. Good thing she's so energetic!

Our hope is to head from Mobile for Iowa City on Thursday, 6/16, and begin the pre-race duties  Friday. It's all getting alarmingly close--so much left to learn-- and I'm suddenly remembering how I felt a few decades ago. For nine eternities, I'd been impatiently awaiting the birth of our first baby. The morning finally arrived, and with the first contraction, I took it all back. "Wait, wait! I'm not quite ready-- give me another week, OK?"  So all I really need is about two more weeks.... Right..


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