Azalea City Avgals

Azalea City Avgals
On our way!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Three hours was quite enough of THAT.

We took off from Iowa City under low-ish broken clouds and a stiff headwind and aimed toward Beatrice, our first gas stop en route to the new-and-improved race start at Alliance, NE. As we cruised along in moderate chop at 2500 feet, we noticed the ground rising almost imperceptibly toward us, and by the time we reached Beatrice, we were right at pattern altitude. Along the way, we saw patches of showers off in the distance, but nary a raindrop on Ms. Lima. The neat little farms were green, green, and vast thickets of wind generators had sprouted all along our route. The visibility was a zillion miles in every direction. Crossing the Missouri River, we saw why Nebraska  is so lush-looking. Muddy floodwaters spread several miles wide, and many barns and farmhouses showed only their roofs above water. Roads disappeared under water for a half a mile at a time. Apparently that's where the levee was breached. Appalling!
Arriving at Beatrice, Linda performed a very nice 25 mph-crosswind landing. We were welcomed by hospitable airport personnel, met three other ARC race teams, and decided not to buck 40 knots or more on the nose this afternoon. . Besides, one team staying the night here knows of a great little restaurant nearby. We all piled in the Beatrice airport van, and headed for a nearby and very reasonably-priced hostelry. The forecast for tomorrow is much more benign.
Flooded Nebraska farmland.

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