Azalea City Avgals

Azalea City Avgals
On our way!

Saturday, June 25, 2011


It wasn't a flawless race, it wasn't without its challenges, but we got here to Mobile, safe and sound, and even though we weren't able to leave Borger, Texas until noon, we crossed the finish line at Brookley Field  this evening a good 19 minutes before the deadline.

Highlights-The flying, of course. Real challenges, met and overcome. Talking with extraordinary pilots, and sharing hangar tales with great gals who enjoy flying as much as we do. Meeting the kindest people imaginable, in places we didn't know existed. (We'll never forget the beyond-the-call services of Rocky Rexrod, Our Hero.) Having college fliers in Norman, Oklahoma run out to our airplane jumping and cheering the last racer through.  Seeing gorgeous countryside from the best possible perspective and marveling at the awesome towering thunderstorms in the distance on both sides forming a perfect path to the gulf coast, as we neared Mobile. Sharing the fun and excitement with friends and relatives.

We encountered weather challenges- gusty winds, some of them ferocious crosswinds, bumpy air and 110-degree heat that made for very anemic climb rates...
We had mechanical troubles and equipment problems, which were frustrating.

All in all, it was an incredible experience!  So, how did we do? No idea until the banquet on Sunday night. Quite sure we won't cart off the top prizes. But no matter what, we had a heckuva good time.


  1. I saw you stuck in Borger in RON summaries. The organizers sure aren't prompt with updates. It's too bad that a complex system of handicap has to be employed, due to aircraft performance, I guess. Congratulations on completing the race.

  2. Hey, great story!! Glad to see more "avgals" from Mobile!! :)

    - Martha Wood

  3. We're dying to know how you did!! :) Alli and Jaron