Azalea City Avgals

Azalea City Avgals
On our way!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Tomorrow: NC to Alabama!

From Mimi: Whatever it is I'll need for the next two weeks must be packed by tonight! Tomorrow morning I'll head southwest from northeastern North Carolina. First stop is at Southern Pines, NC to pick up an Angel Flight passenger. I'll drop him off in Augusta, Georgia, and then it's on to Mobile!

Meanwhile, Linda has had the busiest real estate sales week she's had in several months-- good news/bad news scenario. Good news is she may be able to afford this junket... bad news is all the air race preparation time she was counting on has evaporated.

We'll count on getting our heads together tomorrow or Wednesday, and on Thursday, we're off for IOW for all the pre-race duties- timing run, aircraft and document inspection, safety briefings, and meeting dozens and dozens of new friends. What a trip!


  1. Hi Linda & Mimi!!
    The Keller-Raber's will be following you throughout the race. God's speed and hope the skys are clear and winds are calm!!


  2. Thanks,Candy! About those calm winds: could we place an order for our own personal 20-knot tailwinds all the way home?