Azalea City Avgals

Azalea City Avgals
On our way!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

T minus three weeks and counting!

The support for our efforts so far is wonderful. We've had several very generous promises for a tank of gas (woohoo!) and one for dinner (an iced-tea toast to my friend!), so far. The SPOT satellite-locator gadget is on its way, according to Joe Ebert, from, and I'm thankful to say, it will arrive pre-subscribed and set up and ready to go. What a relief! And as if that weren't more than sufficient, he's also sending the charts we hadn't already acquired. What a dear! So, those who wonder how we arrived at our various destinations will, we hope, be able to follow the little dotted line on SPOT's website. Details to follow, with link.

A box arrived on my doorstep a day or two ago with snazzy Azalea City Avgals shirts in glorious hot pink and white, embroidered with azaleas and names. So exciting! We'll be highly visible.  Also in that same box was a wonderful, well-organized and well-written booklet by air racer Mary Pearson, that answered many questions, some I hadn't even yet formulated. It should be published and distributed to every ARC entrant, it's that good. In fact, it could be enlarged, with contributions from other successful air racers from recent years. Now whether any of this valuable information will be retained once the key is in the ignition is another question entirely.--


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