Azalea City Avgals

Azalea City Avgals
On our way!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Sponsors! We need sponsors

Do you have a burning desire to come along for our great adventure? We'd truly love to have you. While we don't recommend the back seat, -you might have to duck flying charts and water bottles-, you can enjoy the scenery, the weather challenges, the decision-making process, and the entire fabulous route without the bumpy air and low-tech climate-control. Just join us every evening right here for an update. We hope to have a breadcrumb trail courtesy of SPOT satellite tracking and the good technical advice of Joe Ebert at, and will try to post photos as we go.

 Even more to the point, we'd be ever so grateful for your support covering any of the following expenses. Here's what we need:
      *Registration fees-----$500 -2 of them.
      * A tank of Av-Gas--- $300 -  times 12.  (Yikes!)
      * A hotel room---------$100 for each of 8 nights.
      * Dinner for two-------$50 - again, times 8.
      * Lunch on the fly-----$20 for 8 aerial picnics a deux
      * Aerial charts----------$10 each, and we'll unfold 10 of them.
      * Your good thoughts, good advice, and encouragement- we'll happily accept all we can get!

A check in any amount would be most welcome and appreciated.

We will donate 20% of all cash receipts to our favorite southeastern aviation charity, Angel Flight Soars. It's a superb organization that coordinates free flights for people with a need for distant specialized medical care, through the efforts of volunteer pilots, including yours truly.


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