Azalea City Avgals

Azalea City Avgals
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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Practice run!

From Mimi- Yr humble prospective co-pilot was in Mobile last week, and had a chance to see what this racing thing's all about. To start with, it was a perfectly gorgeous day, mid-70s, clear, and smooth. Linda and I departed Mobile Regional in her pretty Cherokee, headed for a tiny strip in Mississippi, and then several more uncontrolled fields in a nice round-robin, on our way to a touch-and-go at Mobile Downtown Airport, which will be the real race's terminus. Past forest fires (prescribed burns, apparently), over winding rivers and checkerboard farmland we flew, at the Cherokee's top speed- averaging about 127 knots. The fly-bys were fun. Long accustomed to nice gentle descents and mannerly arrivals, our zooming straight at the end of the runway at full throttle, then continuing the length of the runway at 300 feet, was a new experience for me. Whee! Only messed up the stop watch once...and almost always found the runway before we were there, so maybe we really will be able to do this thing. Eventually. I still have much to learn, but one thing's obvious-- this race is going to be a blast.

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