Azalea City Avgals

Azalea City Avgals
On our way!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

South Alabama, heads up!

From Mimi: Several small south Alabama airports, and a couple in southern Mississippi were on alert for Cherokee strafing runs last week, as Linda and I did a high speed round-robin to half a dozen little airports. Once again, I tried to remember which stop-watch button was 'start', which one was 'stop', and which one was 'reset.' Arrggh. You wouldn't think it would be that complicated. Funny how simple tasks gain complexity when attempted at high speed, with other chores also demanding attention. If Pilot Linda weren't so darned competent in the left seat (HER left seat, by the way), I might try to persuade her to let me simply fly and she could turn her prodigious organizational skills to record-keeping and stopwatch mastery. Seriously, with our newly redesigned checklists, it should go even more smoothly next time we practice together. Oh, wait. That's going to be in mid-June....
Looking forward to trying out the latest and greatest in navigational wizardry, as AnywhereMap has promised us their new Septa, due to start shipping any day now. WxWorx has lent us a blue-tooth XM-Wx receiver, and we'll be ever-so well fixed for figuring out where we are. Looking very much forward to figuring how to extract all that information.

Also, I've promised to get to work on a fund-raising letter to possible sponsors. With gas prices soaring faster than they can get the signs changed, we're going to need 'em!

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